13 de jul. de 2012

Health [answered questions] HOW TO LOSE WIEHGT FAST?

So, the questions winners which we are going to report are:

  • How to lose weght fast;
  • Ho to get fit of my belly fat

So, is it possible to lose fat from this area and you know of course the sollution is to do exercise. But which exercises work the best? Well, sometimes doing hundreds of crunches to get leg lifts or to get thin things won’t work. So, if that doesn’t work then what does?
To lose your fat parts, you have to burn more calories than you eat and then allow your body and your genetics, to decide where the fat comes off. The most effective way to do this is with diet and exercise.
One way to control your calories is to move around more by adding both structured exercise exercise and general activity throughout the day. The official sports centers recommend at least an hour of physical activity a day and up to several hours a day for most kids and teens. Activities can include things like:
  • Riding a bike
  • Swimming
  • Dancing
  • Walking or running
  • Sports
Choose things you like. If you’re not into team sports or outdoor activities, try workout videos or fitness video games like WII, but you have to move!


Just make sure you have a healthy meal. Have a diet doesn´t mean you have to stop eating, you just have to eat more but healthier things.


12 de jul. de 2012

Random Thought

LOL this is my first day on my new blog I can´t even believe I got so many visits OH MY GOD, thanks I LOVE YOU ALL <3 I don´t even can´t stop think about * making a new post, making a new post, making a new post, making a new post, making a new post*. So yeah, this is one of days of my life and I´m enjoying it, sharing with you babes nothing :b That´s a good point of life.

Fashion #1

B&W and Yellow Squared Shirt

Update #1

I think for a first post you would like to get some of your questions about health... it is normal, you´re a teenager! And so do I, I´m getting a bit fat xD

So, what are you waiting for? What is the question you would like to talk about!?
What is your question? Tell me! The most answered will be reported. free polls 

Welcome, beautiful!

Hey little dolphins and baby dolls! Ahah just kidding, how are you guys? Long time no see and there is me again. Well I will not talk about it because I won´t give the excuse "Oh, it was school, it took me so many time" -  yes it is true - but there are times in your life that you don´t want to do nothing and as my blog was me I wouldn´t post anything, tha´s why. And I am trying to learn and grow up as a person and my blog has to grow up with me so here I am starting again!